Thursday, January 21, 2021

Saint Mary's NEWS for 24 January 2021 

Sunday, January 24, 2021:  Third Sunday after Epiphany 

To keep the Lord's Day,  we are joining together for ONE online Sunday morning celebration at 10:30 AM. You can be part of this by watching on Facebook Live . YouTube will no longer allow us to livestream on their platform, so we are searching for a second option. 

One blessing of this situation is that we can now sing together - virtually! In the Sanctuary, Deacon Christine, Bruce Fithian, Fr Nathan and lay Lectors will safely space out to sing the appointed hymns, while all of you join in our joyful songs from home.  Everyone at home is invited to BYO bread and wine to our online Eucharist. As we pray the Eucharistic prayer, your household is invited to hold up your bread and wine at the same time as Fr Nathan. This way, after the Breaking of the Bread, we can all share together in Holy Communion at the same time, even though we are physically distanced.

Of course, this is not exactly the same as being physically together in our Sanctuary, but it is the best we can do for the present moment. Remember: physical distance is no barrier to the Holy Spirit! Unity in the Spirit, unity in heart and in intention, unity in love - these things matter far more than the measurable distance between us. So let us rejoice together in the Lord in this way and feed on Christ as revealed in the Breaking of the Bread.   

Our hymns for Sunday, January 24 are:
  Hymn 616 :  Hail to the Lord's Anointed 
  Hymn 325:  Let us break bread together on our knees
  Hymn 390:  Praise to the Lord, the Almighty 

Annual Meeting of The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary:     

Sunday 31 January

This Annual Meeting will coincide with our Episcopal Visitation with Bishop Thomas Brown. Since we will unfortunately still be under COVID restrictions, both our Annual Meeting and the Bishop's Visit will be very different than usual.  Here is the plan of the day as it currently stands: 

9:30    Family Chapel on ZOOM with Fr Nathan and Bishop Brown
10:30 The Holy Eucharist livestreamed from Saint Mary's with Bishop Brown   

           preaching and presiding
11:45 Annual Meeting Business Session on ZOOM ending with a  

          community Q & A time with Bishop Brown 

 Please make plans to participate, as we need a quorum of at least 50 members to have a legally valid meeting. This year, we do not have any proposed changes to our By-laws, so our business will simply focus on electing new leaders and reviewing our financial position. Be on the lookout for Annual Meeting booklets. Below is the ZOOM link to our Annual Meeting:
Meeting ID: 846 6342 7603, Passcode: 624299 


2021 Stewardship  Love isn't me. Love is we.
Saint Mary's was blessed to have so many support us both for our ministries but also for our infrastructure. As soon as the shutdown hit, the phone rang with offers of help, gifts came in by mail or electronic transfer. We were able to adjust and offer most of our programs. As a result, we regularly hear comments like, "Saint Mary's has helped me get through the pandemic." Thank you to the 98 parish families who have pledged 214,867. We haven't hit our goal of $270,000 yet. Please pledge today so we can charge into 2021 knowing that our budget is funded. Here's the confidentially online link.  IF you donate through an automatic payment, please complete a new form so we know your intentions for 2021!! Or you can email your pledge intention  to Beth Shaw at  or Click If you need a form.  


Sparkles Re-Imagined:    On-Line at  

Thank you to everyone who has donated, worked, cooked, baked, and shopped for Sparkles this year.  It's been crazy, but we've raised over $19,000. We still have Lobster Stew, Bean Soup, and Chocolate Sauce, all at reduced prices. 


As you know, your purchases help fund Saint Mary's amazing community programs. Our website,, will continue to operate 24/7, and we ask that you share it, and our Facebook page, with friends and family. We'll be back for a Sparkle in Spring in-person shopping sale in April. Questions? Contact Jana Burke (272-4535) call or text, or


IMMERSE Bibles are here!  See above slider picture for links to participate
Please pick up ONE for each household, and reimburse the cost if you are able.
I am asking all of you to join together and read this Immerse: Messiah edition of the New Testament over an eight-week reading period, beginning this Sunday, January 10. Try reading it aloud in your household, perhaps a section each morning or evening.  


It is also available as daily audio files. These can be found wherever you get podcasts (search for Immerse: Messiah) and at this website: 

And each Sunday evening from January 17 through March 14 at 5 PM, ( skip March 24) I am inviting everyone to join me for an open discussion of these questions over ZOOM.  
 We'll share the link next week. 
Read the January AVE for more details of our all-parish reading plan for the winter. 

Saint Mary's Schola Early Sampler CD on sale 

The St Mary Schola is pleased to share our wonderful new CD, after three years of preparation and planning. The recording offers many beautiful Christmas selections, including medieval processionals, the lilting carol 'In dulci jubilo' (Good Christian Friends rejoice) as well as other moving pieces from ten years of concerts. The CDs can be purchased at our website: 

Get outside and move in February!   

Sunday 24 January at 1 PM  has been cancelled due to lack of snow!

 Come on out to keep yourself healthy and to encourage one another through this long winter. We'll try again in February!

Living with Hope During a Pandemic  

This group, offered and led by Deacon Christine, will meet once a week on ZOOM and as an opportunity to share our thoughts, struggles, ways of coping and hopes for the future. Our time together will be confidential and prayerful. If you are interested in participating or have questions, please call Christine at 653-2448.

Deacon Christine is also available every day for one-on-one conversation and prayer on the phone. Our deacon is a great listener! If you need someone to talk with, pick up the phone and call her at 653-2448. 

Service to Others 

Faces of Stigma:  Anti-Immigrant Bias in Maine (click for flyer) 

Join the virtual January 24, 4pm presentation by Steve Wessler, Human Rights Educator and Trainer and discussion to follow – all on Zoom. (click for Zoom link)  All welcome! 

Red Cross Blood Drives: January 29 in Auditorium 

There is a critical need for blood.  Sign-up today to be a blood donor and help give to those who need your blood to survive. As a bonus, all donations are now tested for Coronavirus antibodies. PLEASE donate, if you can.  

Go to and use sponsor code "StMary" to make your appt.  

Souper Supper To Go: 2nd & 4th Fridays, 56 PM   - Jan 22  

Souper Supper is in action: Second & Fourth Fridays, 5 – 6 PM for take-home distribution of To-Go meals only. FMI, just call the Parish Office at 781-3366.        


Christian Formation & Youth Notes 

Family Chapel returns
9:30 AM on Sundays in January. Gather over ZOOM with Fr Nathan for a brief time of singing, storytelling and show-and-tell. Here is the link to participate:
Join Zoom Meeting: 

Guiding RAY (Religious Adventures for Youth)       

Guiding RAY is our ministry to all young people ages 0 to 14. We offer our children an opportunity to learn key Bible stories and to develop their relationship with God.    


Maine Episcopal Youth:  Pray, Play, Connect 

All those in grades 6-12 are invited to gather on ZOOM  every Third Monday!  Our next meeting will be Monday 18 January - we will meet in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
 Click to join!  We hope to see you there. 

Community Care & Nurture 


Want an Uplift?  Got a phone? Even YOU can listen to an inspiring podcast! 

People living their faith and joining in God's mission in local communities across Maine. A podcast of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. In addition to downloading to your device, you can listen on the Diocesan Website  on the Faith in Maine page 
And NOW even phone in from any telephone for the most recent podcast!  The permanent phone number for this is: 207-223-6402  Feel free to give a call and listen. While the phone number stays the same, the podcasts you hear will update when they release new podcasts.  TRY IT! 

OnLine worship 

NoonDay PrayerMonday – Friday  12noon  on Facebook Live 

Sunday WorshipSunday 10:30 am on Facebook Live 

These services are also linked on our website ( on the banner titled "Community & Worship Online: COVID-19 Resources") 

OnLine Spiritual Formation 

Be Still: Sundays at 9:30 AM  online via ZOOM 

Be Still: Mondays at 5 PM  online via ZOOM 

Merton Group:  Thursdays at 3 pm  online via ZOOM 

These three groups will continue to meet online via ZOOM. If you would like to participate, send an email to Jennifer Gregg ( to receive the meeting login information.   

Wisdom Seekers Bible Study: Tuesdays at 10:30 AM
Wisdom Seekers is a group who gathers to study the Scriptures appointed for the upcoming Sunday; it is a great way to prepare oneself for Sunday. All are welcome to join the Zoom group at any time. FMI or for the link to participate, contact Nadine Timberlake at or Beth Shaw at  

Communicating with Nathan+  

If you need to connect with someone for encouragement, or if you need advice, guidance or prayer, please text Fr Nathan on his cell phone at 207-310-0268. Share your name and your concern.  You can call or e-mail as well ( ), but texting is the best way to make contact. 

Prayer Concerns this week:   Bob & Nadine Timberlake, David & Grace Robinson, Jeannie Lauze,  Mary Follo, Bev Knudsen, Connie Dayton, Desma Ferrell, Tom Troeger, Barbara Fielding.  

IF YOU WANT TO ADD NAMES TO THIS LIST, contact our Parish Office (781-3366 or This printed list is for more immediate and short-term needs. We also keep a prayer list for chronic and long-term needs. Feel free to ask about this.   


THIS WEEK at Saint Mary's 


Thursday      21           12:00          Noonday Prayer on 
Facebook Live      
Merton Group Zoom gathering

Friday           22           12:00          Noonday Prayer on 
Facebook Live        

Saturday      23                                                                               
Sunday         24   
        Third Sunday after Epiphany
Be Still  on ZOOM
Family Chapel on ZOOM
                                    10:30           Holy Eucharist  on 
Facebook Live 
                                    4:00             Faces of Stigma:
Anti-Immigrant Bias in Maine – on Zoom  

                                    5:00             Immerse Bible Discussion #2 on ZOOM 


Monday       25            12:00          Noonday Prayer on Facebook Live 
Be Still ZOOM meeting
Tuesday       26            10:30         
Wisdom Seekers ZOOM gathering
                                    12:00          Noonday Prayer on 
Facebook Live 
                                    2:00            Staff meeting                         
Wednesday  27           12:00          Noonday Prayer 
Thursday      28           12:00          Noonday Prayer on 
Facebook Live      
Merton Group Zoom gathering

Friday           29           12:00          Noonday Prayer on 
Facebook Live        

Saturday      30                                                                               
Sunday         31   
        Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Be Still  on ZOOM
Family Chapel on ZOOM with Fr Nathan and Bishop Brown
                                    10:30           Holy Eucharist  on 
Facebook Live  

                                    11:45           Annual Meeting on Zoom - brief with Q&A with the Bishop to follow
                                    5:00             Immerse Bible Discussion #3 on ZOOM

Beth Shaw
Parish Manager
The Episcopal Church of Saint Mary
43 Foreside Road, Falmouth, ME 04105